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Press Releases

50-Year History of Hurricane Beulah, Tropical Storm Predictions, and Vehicular Gates Installed on Levees to be Discussed at August 9 Public Meeting in Mercedes, TX

Pilot Fallowing Program and Aquatic Invasive Species of the Lower Colorado River on Agenda for July 26th Public Meeting in Yuma, AZ

ADDENDUM: USIBWC will be holding a public meeting to discuss the proposed Canutillo Phase II Flood Control Improvements and the Draft Environmental Assessment on Tuesday, July 18, at 5:00 p.m. at the Village of Vinton, City Hall, 436 E. Vinton Road, Vinton, Texas. The comment period for the Draft Environmental Assessment has been extended through July 26, 2017.

Rio Grande Water Quality and Boundary Preservation Project on Agenda for July 13 Public Meeting in El Paso

Notice of Availability of Draft Supplemental Environmental Assessment for Rio Grande Flood Control Improvements in Vinton and Canutillo, Texas

Groundwater Data and Arizona-Sonora Environmental Strategic Plan to be Discussed at June 15th Public Meeting in Green Valley, AZ

Developing a Sustainable Water Future for the Tijuana River Watershed and Investigative Report on the February Spill in the Tijuana River on Agenda for June 1st Public Meeting in Imperial Beach, CA

Trends in the Border Patrol's Rio Grande Valley Sector and Mexico's Rio Grande Water Deliveries to the United States Set for May 10th Public Meeting in Mecredes, TX

New River Improvement Project for Calexico, Salton Sea Policy on Agenda for April 26 Public Meeting in El Centro, CA

Investigation Finds Sewer Line Break and Other Wastewater Sources Affected the Tijuana River

2017 Rio Grande Water Deliveries for Irrigation Season, De-Silting Projects on Agenda for April 13 Public Meeting in Las Cruces

Mexican Officials Confirm Amount of Sewage from Transboundary Spill in Mexicali

Screening for Lead in School Drinking Water and Update on the San Miguel Gate to be Discussed at March 17 Public Meeting in Benson, Arizona

Commissioners Call on Work Group to Investigate Transboundary Sewage Spill 

Tracking Trash Across the U.S.-Mexico Border and Developing a Sustainable Water Future for the Tijuana River Watershed on Agenda for March 2 public Meeting in Imperial Beach, CA

Brownsville Levee Rehabilitation and Saltcedar Control on Agenda for February 8 Public Meeting in Mercedes, TX

Colorado River Water
Conservation Projects, Small Public Water Systems on Agenda for January 25 Public Meeting in Yuma, AZ