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Resources and Information

Point of Contact for the below items is Andrea Glover at (915) 832-4747.

Requirements for Work within USIBWC Jurisdiction

For work on USIBWC property/easements, for work along the US-Mexico Border, and for work within the Rio Grande or Colorado River Floodplain.  These requirements apply whether on USIBWC property, on federal, state, or local government property, or on private property.

Contractor Resources

  • Construction Management Services Templates and Guidance
    This zipped file contains the Construction Management monthly report template, USIBWC's Proposal Guidance for CM Services, USIBWC's Construction Management Guide, and templates for meeting minutes.
  • USIBWC Construction Forms
    This zipped file contains a copy of all of our construction forms.
  • IBWC Logos
    This zipped file contains high quality versions of IBWC's logo in the following formats: dwg, jpg, png, tiff, and eps.
  • Construction Contractor Posters
    This zipped file contains a copy of all of the federal posters required for our construction contractors.
  • USIBWC's Construction Specifications Template
    This zipped file contains a current copy of our construction specifications template in a Word macro file. Also included are the supporting files including a Word building blocks file, a Word dictionary file, instructions on how to use the template, an AutoCAD file for project signs, and an example bid schedule.
  • USIBWC's CAD Files and Drawing and CAD Standards
    This zipped file includes USIBWC's AutoCAD drawing borders, pc3, ctb, patterns, and blocks. Also provided is USIBWC's Drawing and CAD Standards which explains how drawings should be set up and drafted.
  • USIBWC's Standard Drawings
    This zipped file provides all of USIBWC's current standard drawings.

Project Information