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Public Safety Officer Candidates

USIBWC Public Safety Officer badge

You have applied for a position with the International Boundary & Water Commission as a Public Safety Officer (Security Guard). We will be conducting an officer pre-employment screening at three locations on Saturday, September 9, 2023. This is an accelerated hiring initiative, and the pre-employment screening is the first phase for appointment as a Public Safety Officer within the Security Services Division. As our division title implies, we are responsible for all aspects of security and emergency management for the Commission. Public Safety Officers are the element responsible for the physical security and emergency response associated with protecting National Critical Infrastructure. For additional information about the International Boundary & Water Commission, its mission, and its facilities, please visit the agency website.

The pre-employment screening scheduled at the three locations on Saturday, September 9, 2023 will be used to develop a list of eligible candidates for appointment as Public Safety Officers. The screening will consist of two Phases. Any travel costs associated with attending the hiring event will be your responsibility. The agency will NOT pay for or reimburse travel costs for attendance.

PHASE I- Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA)

PHASE I- Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA).

Phase I will be conducted at the three locations on the morning of Saturday, September 9, 2023 at the locations below:


El Paso, TX – Valley Creek, 651 Gomez Rd, El Paso, TX 79932

Del Rio, Texas – Memorial Park, 301 Fox Drive, Del Rio, TX 78840

Falcon Heights, TX - Falcon Dam Rec Center, FM 2098 Reservoir Rd. Falcon Heights, TX 78545


Those who successfully complete the PFA will move on to Phase II.

PHASE II- Formal Interview

Applicants will conduct a formal interview at the following locations following Phase I.

El Paso, TX – USIBWC HQ, 4191 N Mesa St, El Paso, TX 79902

Del Rio, TX – Amistad Dam HQ Bldg, 670 Texas Spur 349, Del Rio, TX 78840

Falcon Heights, TX – Falcon Dam Rec Center, FM 2098 Reservoir Rd, Falcon Heights, TX 78545 (Same location as Phase I)

Those candidates who successfully complete Phase II will be considered for the position.

You MUST bring with you and submit, or present as appropriate, on the morning of the assessment day:

  • A valid state issued Driver’s License.
  • IBWC Form 016, Public Safety Officer - Conditions of Employment Agreement (Signed and dated).
  • IBWC Form 020, Medical Clearance Certificate (completed by your doctor, signed and dated). Failure to provide this document with a physician’s signature will cause you to be removed from consideration immediately. Note: PT minimum standards can be found on this form. Any costs associated with the medical clearance is at the expense of the applicant, not the USIBWC.
  • IBWC Form 367 Qualification to Possess Firearms or Ammunition (Signed and dated).

NOTE: It is important for you to understand that if you do not arrive with all required paperwork or fail to successfully complete any required paperwork you will not be allowed to conduct any portion of the assessment.

Pre-employment Screening Tentative Schedule

Arrive in appropriate Physical Training attire to your respective Phase I location and bring a source of hydration. Ensure you arrive for the assessment with your completed paperwork and valid driver’s license in hand. All times shown are local.

0900 – 0930: Sign-in and paperwork turn-in.

0930 – 0945: Welcome Briefing

0945 - Until complete:  Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA)

Those invited to Phase II will be released for hygiene and will then meet at their respective locations shown for Phase II. Shower facilities and changing areas are not available at the test sites. Reporting times for interviews will be provided at the completion of the PFA.

During Phase II, interviews will be conducted. It is recommended that you arrive in appropriate attire for your interview.

Please send a response email stating whether or not you are still interested in the position. If you are, please indicate which location you will attend for the pre-employment screening. If you are not interested, we must receive a response email stating that you are no longer interested in the position.

Email any questions you may have to:

For the El Paso location to Assistant Chief Danny Mendoza danny.mendoza@ibwc.gov

For the Del Rio location to CPT Luise Martinez luise.martinez@ibwc.gov

For the Falcon Dam location to CPT Esteban Martinez esteban.martinez@ibwc.gov

Good luck!!!