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San Diego Field Office

The San Diego Field office is a dual function office with both Construction and Operation and Maintenance assignments. The functions of the office are to carry out designated operations and maintenance functions which support the U.S. Section of the International Boundary and Water Commission which include:

  • To manage, plan, and administer the operation and maintenance program for the South Bay International Wastewater Treatment Plant (SBIWTP) and facilities, and the International Tijuana River Flood Control Project (ITRFCP). Performance of maintenance on levees, road, channel and flood way; administering the operation and maintenance of the river gage in the Tijuana River; and operation and accounting of flow through the Emergency Connection.

  • To manage, plan, and administer the utilization and maintenance of heavy and light equipment, vehicles, structures, communications systems, support fuels, supplies, and materials to assure the efficient and economical functioning of the Project.

  • The South Bay International Wastewater Treatment Plant (SBIWTP) is located on a 75-acre site near the international border and provides for advanced primary treatment of 25 mgd of Tijuana sewage. The SBIWTP construction was completed in September, 1997 and began full operation in January, 1999 upon completion of the South Bay Ocean Outfall.

  • The Tijuana Flood Control Channel began construction in late 1977, and is used to contain and convey Tijuana River flood flows up to 135,000 cubic feet per second in both the United States and Mexico. In the United States, the channel consists of a partial trapezoidal concrete lined channel, which expands to grouted stone, and then natural soil flood way.

    South Bay IWTP Operational Approaches:  Project Report for Full Scale Testing of TSS Removal Improvements

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