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Lower Rio Grande Flood Control Project

The Lower Rio Grande Flood Control Project covers 180 miles of the Rio Grande from Penitas, Texas to the Gulf of Mexico. The project provides a high degree of protection against Rio Grande floods for the lands and the population on both sides of the river. There are two diversion dams located on the river. Anzalduas Dam is located south of Mission, Texas and is used to divert the U.S. share of floodwaters into the U.S. interior floodway, to divert water into Mexico’s main irrigation canal, and to release water downstream for users in both countries.  Retamal Dam is located south of Donna, Texas and is used to divert Mexico’s share of floodwaters into Mexico’s interior floodway and to regulate flood flows downstream.

Another project feature is the Morillo Drain Project. This project consists of a pumping plant and a conveyance channel used to convey saline flows from the Morillo drain directly to the Gulf of Mexico. These flows are kept from entering the Rio Grande thereby reducing the salinity of the river.

Functions of the LRGFCP include:

  • Operation and Maintenance of Anzalduas Dam
  • Operation and Maintenance of Retamal Dam
  • Operation and Maintenance of approximately 580 irrigation and drainage structures
  • Operation and Maintenance of 10 Floodgates
  • Maintenance of 270 miles of levee
  • Desilting of approximately 863,492 cubic yards of lateral drains
  • Annual mowing of 11,000 acres
  • Oversee Operation and Maintenance of the Morillo Drain Project
  • Maintain licensing program of all construction activities within project lands
  • Perform daily coordination of water releases from dams and water accounting with the State of Texas and Mexico
  • Operate and Maintain river gaging stations
  • Manage flood flows in accordance with pre-established criteria agreed upon by both countries
  • Coordinate with landowners, general public, government entities, etc. on matters pertaining to the operation and maintenance of the project
  • See Official Brochure about the LRGFCP

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