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Upper Rio Grande (Southern New Mexico & West Texas)
Citizens Forum Meetings

The Rio Grande Citizens Forum (RGCF) was established in 1999 to facilitate the exchange of information between the USIBWC and members of the public about Commission activities between Percha Dam, New Mexico and Ft. Quitman, Texas.  Below are Minutes and Presentations of previous meetings of the RGCF  See later minutes and presentations here. Contact Public Affairs Office

              Meeting Announcements


The next meeting of the Rio Grande Citizens Forum will be April 13, 2017, 6:30 - 8:30 PM at the Las Cruces City Hall, 700 N. Main Street, Las Cruces, NM 88001. Please contact Lori Kuczmanski (915)832-4106 for more information.

Presentations from January 12, 2017
Interior Drainage Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis for El Paso, TX
Canutillo Phase II Floodwall/Levee Design
Petroleum Storage Tank Release Investigation

Presentations from October 13, 2016
2016 Migratory Game Bird Hunting Seasons
Migratory Bird Hunting on Rio RGrand in New Mexico -IBWC Property
City of Las Cruces Rio Grand Riparian Ecologial Corridor Project (2000-2004)
De-silting Activities in the Rio Grand 2016/17

Presentations from July 14, 2016
Update on Construction Projects within the URG Flood Control Project and Status of FEMA Levee Accreditation Citizens Forum
Concerns Regarding Feral Swine
Overview of the USIBWC Annual Budget Process

Presentations from April 21, 2016
Board Member Orientation
Flood Control Project
History and Projects of the IBWC

Presentations from January 21, 2016
El Niño and Seasonal Forecast Outlooks
Update on RG Flood Control Levee Accreditation

Presentations from October 22, 2015
Sediment Transport & Channel Maintenance
Canalization Project Restoration Activities

Presentations from July 23, 2015
Update on Water Quality - Clean Rivers Program

Presentations from April 23, 2015
Rio Grande Project by Bureau of Reclamation
Sediment Removal Operations

Presentations from February 12, 2015
Update on FEMA Accreditation of Levees
Purified Water for El Paso

Presentations from October 23, 2014
Arroyo Management Plan

Sediment Control Dams
Flood Warning Systems

Presentations from July 24, 2014
Final EA for Avian Hunting
Mitigation Measures to Reduce Pollution in the RG
Drainage and ydrologic Analysis by URS

Presentations from April 24, 2014
Canalization Project 5yr Channel Maintenance Plan
FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps & Reform
River Management Plan for FCP in LRG & NM

Presentations from January 14, 2014
Forum Board Member Orientation
Flood Control Project
Commission History, Mission and Projects

Presentations from November 6, 2013
Canalization Project Water Budget Study
Update on Water Quality and the Clean Rivers Program
Construction Flyer

Presentations from July 17, 2013
Flood Control Projects
Proposal to Allow Bird Hunting on USIBWC Property
Project Operating Agreement Environmental Assessment

Presentations from April 17, 2013
Upper Rio Grande Flood Control Projects
Stormwater Utility Accomplishments 2008 - 2013

Presentations from January 16, 2013
PdNWC Watershed Restoration Planning Project for the El Paso - Las Cruces Watershed

Presentations from October 16, 2012
Canalization Project Water Budget Study by Padinare Unnikrishna, Hydraulic Engineer, USIBWC
URG Flood Control Projects (Update) – Andrea Glover, Civil Engineer, Construction, USIBWC
Update on Levee Certification Efforts in Doña Ana County, NM and El Paso County, TX – Guillermo Martinez, Civil Engineer, USIBWC.

Presentations from July 19, 2012
Emergency Action Plans by Jim Covey
URG Flood Control Project Presentation | Pictures by A. Glover
RG Canalization Project Habitat Restoration Handout
River Restoration Activities by Elizabeth Verdecchia

Presentations from April 19, 2012
Paisano Valley Water Transmission Line by EPWU
COEP Floodplain Activities Update by R. Alan Shubert
Flood Control Projects | Photos by Andrea Glover

Presentations from January 19, 2012
URG Flood Control Projects by IBWC ESD

Update on Water Quality in the Lower Rio Grande in New Mexico by Brian Hanson

RG Canalization Flood Control Project, River Restoration Implementation


1/12/17 - Agenda

10/13/16 - Meeting Minutes / Agenda

7/14/16 - Meeting Minutes / Agenda

4/21/16 - Agenda / Minutes

1/21/16 - Agenda

10/22/15 - Agenda

7/23/15 - Meeting Minutes / Agenda

4/23/15 - Meeting Minutes / Agenda

2/12/15 - Meeting Minutes / Agenda

1/22/15 - Agenda

10/23/14 - Meeting Minutes / Agenda

7/24/14 - Meeting Minutes / Agenda

4/24/14 - Meeting Minutes / Agenda

1/14/14 - Meeting Minutes / Agenda

11/6/13 - Meeting Minutes / Agenda

4/17/13 - Meeting Minutes / Agenda

1/16/13 - Meeting Minutes / Agenda

10/16/12 - Meeting Minutes / Agenda

7/19/12 - Meeting Minutes / Agenda

4/19/12 - Meeting Minutes & Agenda

1/19/12 - Meeting Minutes & Agenda


Later URG Citizens' Forum Minutes