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Lower Rio Grande Citizens Forum Meetings

The Lower Rio Grande Citizens Forum (LRGCF) was established in 2003 to facilitate the exchange of information between the USIBWC and members of the public about Commission activities in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. The LRGCF is intended to bring together community members, enabling the early and continued two-way flow of information, concerns, values, and needs between the USIBWC and the general public, environmentalists, government agencies, irrigation districts, municipalities,and other interested parties.  Below are Minutes and Presentations of previous meetings of the LRGCF.

             Meeting Announcements


The next meeting of the Lower Rio Grande Citizens Forum will be August 14, 2019 from 3:00 - 5:00 pm, at the Mercedes Field Office, 325 Golf Course Road, Mercedes, Texas 78570. Please contact Lori Kuczmanski (915) 832-4106 for more information.

                          Meeting Minutes 

8/14/2019 - Press Release & Agenda

5/8/2019 - Press Release & Agenda

2/4/2019 - Press Release & Agenda

11/14/2018 - Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

8/8/2018 - Press Release & Agenda

2/21/2018 - Press Release & Agenda

11/8/2017 - Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

8/9/2017 - Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

5/10/2017 - Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

2/8/2017 - Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

11/9/2016 - Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

8/10/2016 - Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

5/11/2016 - Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

2/10/2016 - Press Release & Agenda

11/18/15 - Press Release & Agenda

8/12/15 - Press Release & Agenda

5/13/15 - Press Release & Agenda

2/11/15 - Press Release & Agenda

11/12/2014 - Press Release & Agenda

8/13/2014 - Press Release & Agenda

1/30/2013 - Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

10/10/2013 - Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

8/29/2012 - Press Release & Agenda

7/18/2012 - Minutes

4/18/2012 - Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

1/11/2012 - Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

9/27/2011 - Mercedes, TX

6/22/2011 - Weslaco, TX

3/03/2010 - Mercedes, TX

10/21/2009 - Mercedes, TX

7/15/2009 - Mercedes, TX

4/22/2009 - Mercedes, TX

1/21/2009 - Weslaco, TX

10/29/2008 - Mercedes, TX

7/16/2008  - Mercedes, TX

4/16/2008 - Weslaco, TX

1/16/2008 - Mercedes, TX

10/17/2007 - Mercedes, TX

04/04/2007 - Mercedes, TX

04/19/2006 - Brownsville, TX

10/16/2006 - Mercedes, TX


Presentations from 5/8/2019
Biological Control of Arundo Donax; an Invasive Weed of the Rio Grande Basin

Presentations from 2/13/2019
Arroyo Colorado Hydraulic Analysis for Reestablishing Design Capacity

Presentations from 11/14/18
McAllen Public Utility
Hidalgo County Drainage District No. 1

Presentations from 8/8/18
Water Quality in the Lower Rio Grande
IBWC Mercedes

Presentations from 5/9/18
IBWC History and Activities
Citizens Forum Orientation
LRG Flood Control Project

Presentations from 11/8/17
LRG Binational Solution to Assure 1944 Treaty Compliance
Illegal Dumping

Presentations from 8/9/17
USIBWC Mercedes Vehicular Gate Traffic Project
Hurricane Beulah: Then and Now

Presentations from 5/10/17
Mexico's Rio Grande Water Deliveries to the U.S.
U.S. - Mexico Colorado River Cooperation
Border Patrol Video "The Shift" - YouTube

Presentation from 2/8/17 Meeting:
Status update on the Remediation Design of Upper Brownsville Levee and Floodplain Failure

Presentations from 11/9/2016 Meeting:
Arroyo Colorado Flood Enhancement Project
Freshwater Mussels of Texas: General Ecology and Current Status

Presentations from 8/10/2016 Meeting:
Status of Mexican Water Deliveries to the United States Pursuant to the 1944 Water Treaty
Water Quality in the Lower Rio Grande

Presentations from 5/11/16 Meeting:
Flood Control Project
Board Member Orientation
History of Projects of the IBWC

Presentations from 2/10/16 Meeting:
El Morillo Salinity Control Project
Levee Improvements

Presentations from 8/12/15 Meeting:
Arroyo CO Flood Enhancement Initiative Update

Presentations from 5/13/15 Meeting:
Upper Brownsville Geotech Site Investigation Update
Mexico's 5 Year Cycle Update

Presentations from 2/11/15 Meeting:
Geotechnical Site Investigation Update
Harlingen's Trails Master Plan
Arroyo Colorado Flood Enhancement Initiative

Presentations from 11/12/14
Arroyo Colorado Hydraulic Analysis
Water Deliveries Under the 1944 Water Treaty

Presentation from 04/10/13 Meeting:
Rio Grande Water Deliveries under the 1944 Water Treaty

Presentations from 10/10/12 Meeting:
Lower Rio Grande Basin Study by BoR
Economic Impact of Nature Tourism in the Lower Rio Grande Valley by Kyle O'Haver

Presentation from 08/29/12 Meeting:
USIBWC's Public Meeting Discussing Technical Issues Associated with Proposed Fence Projects in the Rio Grande Floodplain (Presentation)

Presentations from 07/18/12 Meeting:
Arroyo Colorado Flood Enhancement Project
Salt Cedar Establishment in the LRG Valley
LRG and BBEST Report

Presentations from 04/18/12 Meeting:
Implementing Your WPP - Arroyo Colorado Case Study by Jaime Flores
International Sub-Basin Initiative by Gabriel Duran
Water Quality in the Lower Rio Grande by Leslie Grijalva

Forum Board Orientation from 1/19/2012

IBWC History, Mission & Projects from 1/19/2012

Update on Levee Construction Projects from 9/27/11

Arroyo Colorado Post Flood Cleanup from 9/27/11

Arroyo Colorado Post Flood Cleanup from 6/22/11

Bacteria Levels in the Lower Rio Grande from 6/22/11

Regional Economic Adjustment Plan for Building Disaster Resilient Communities from 3/23/11

Vegetation Management in the Arroyo Colorado to Reduce Flood Risk from 3/23/11

Lower Rio Grande Flood Control Project, Arroyo Colorado Post Flood Cleanup from 3/23/11

ARRA Levee Improvements from December 9, 2010

The LRG Citizens' Forum takes the time to commend the actions of IBWC personnel during recent flood events dated 2 September 2010

Update on Water Quality for the Rio Grande & Clean Rivers Program from June 8, 2010

Brownsville Bacteria Study

USIBWC Operation of Amistad and Falcon Dams during Hurricane Alex

Hurricane Alex Flood Operations LRGFCP

Water Quality Protection in the Lower Rio Grande in New Mexico from September 15, 2010

3/03/2010 - Levee Improvements

7/15/2009 - Update on Water Quality for the Rio Grande and Clean Rivers Program

10/21/2009 - Lower Rio Grande Flood Control Project

10/21/2009 - Lower Rio Grande Citizens' Forum Orientation

10/21/2009 - Levee C&A Process, FEMA

4/22/2009 - Presentation on Morillo Drain by Patrick Daize

4/2009 - Lower Rio Grande Flood Control Project Levee Improvements

1/21/2009 - Safety of Dams Update by Commissioner C.W. "Bill" Ruth

10/29/2008 - Storage and Flood Conditions in the Rio Grande Basin by Patrick Daize

Environmental Agency, The Good Neighbor Environmental Board from July 16th Public Meeting by John Wood

Levee Raising Project Status Report from July 16th Public Meeting by Patrick Daize

Update on Status of Lower Rio Grande Flood Control Project Levee Rehabilitation from 04/16/08 Meeting

Slope-Stabilization Demonstration Project from 01/16/08 presented by Chris Hathcock, TPWD

Lower Rio Grande Priorities from 01/16/08 Meeting

Lower Rio Grande Flood Control Project Overview from 07/25/07 Meeting

Clean Rivers Program, Lower Rio Grande Updates for FY2007 from 07/25/07 Meeting

Lower Rio Grande Citizens' Forum Orientation from 07/25/07 Meeting

Morillo Drain Improvement Works
from 04/04/07 Meeting

LRGFCP Rehabilitation from 04/04/07 Meeting

LRGFCP Rehabilitation from Rio Grande Citizen’s Forum Meeting 10/16/06