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Colorado River Historical Mean Daily Discharge Data

09-5300.00 Reservation Main Drain No. 4 (California Drain)
09-5250.00 Yuma Main Canal Wasteway to Colorado River at Yuma, Arizona
09-5211.00 Colorado River below Yuma Main Canal Wasteway at Yuma, Arizona
09-5302.00 Yuma Mesa Outlet Drain to Colorado River near Yuma, Arizona
09-5305.00 Drain No. 8-B (Araz Drain)
09-5270.00 Pilot Knob Power Plant and Wasteway near Pilot Knob
09-5220.00 Colorado River at Northerly International Boundary
09-5318.50 Cooper Wasteway (Valley Diversion, Yuma Project)
09-5220.30 Intake Canal at Morelos Diversion Structure
09-5319.00 Wellton-Mohawk Drainage Water Discharged to Colorado River
09-5325.00 Eleven Mile Wasteway (Valley Division, Yuma Project)
09-5330.00 Twenty-One Mile Wasteway (Valley Division, Yuma Project)
09-5345.00 East Main Canal Wasteway (Valley Division, Yuma Project)
09-5340.00 Yuma Main Drain (Valley Division, Yuma Project)
09-5343.00 West Main Canal Wasteway (Valley Division, Yuma Project)
09-5343.50 242 Well Field Near San Luis, Arizona
09-5348.00 Total Flows Crossing International Boundary into Mexico
09-5222.00 Colorado River at Southerly International Boundary
09-5333.00 Wellton-Mohawk Bypass Drain at Southerly International Boundary