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This page contains information routinely available to the public as well as documents that may frequently be requested under the Freedom of Information Act. The list of items may continue to expand as we add records in which the public frequently expresses an interest.

Frequently Requested Records

Border Wall

Current Projects and Activity Maps

Environmental Reports and Studies

Lower Rio Grande Flood Control Project brochure

Minutes between U.S. and Mexican Sections of the IBWC

Minutes between U.S. and Mexican Sections of the IBWC by Project

Treaties between the U.S. and Mexico

Water Accounting Reports

Agency Policy Statements

Annual Reports covering the activities of the U.S. Section of the IBWC

Criteria for Construction Activities within the limits of USIBWC Floodways

Permits and License Checklist, Instructions for License Request

Strategic Plan

USIBWC's Executive Order 13392 Implementation Plan

Equal Employment Directives

Equal Opportunity Policy

EEO Program Counselor's Handbook

Policy and Procedure on Harassment

Handbook for Procedures for Facilitating the Provision of Reasonable Accommodations