CRP Data: Notes regarding Excel data sheets posted on our website

The Excel spreadsheets on the CRP Monitoring Station Data website contain data that is slightly different from the data available on the TCEQ website and that TCEQ uses for biannual assessments. Here are the differences:

  • newLab data from November 2010 to May 2012 - This data has not been approved by the TCEQ CRP or approved by the TCEQ data management system for upload into the TCEQ Surface Water Quality Montioring Information System and will not be used in TCEQ data assessments. This data has been QAed by USIBWC, however, and is posted for informational purposes only. This does not include field parameters and certain other data. For any questions on this, please contact the CRP staff.
  • Accreditation and Bacteria Data from 2007 to 2009. USIBWC CRP data files contain both non-accrediated and accredited by National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Certificate (NELAC). TCEQ requires that all data submitted after July 1, 2007 be analyzed by a laboratory accredited by NELAC. Since our lab did not yet have accreditation in bacteria, USIBWC CRP partners analyzed ecoli and fecal coliform bacteria throughout the basin using traditional methods not accredited by NELAC.  The ecoli and fecal coliform results are posted on the website for informational purposes only. USIBWC CRP's contract laboratory is now accredited and all E.coli bacteria data beginning September 1, 2009 are analyzed by a NELAC accredited laboratory, although most bacteria is analyzed during an extended holding time (8-48 hours after collection, which is storet 31704). Fecal coliform data, however, is not accredited and is analyzed by IBWC field office staff, but fecal coliform data are still posted on the station data files. The exception is for the Laredo stations for Segment 2304, which are anaylzed by the City of Laredo Health Department Laboratory, which is accredited for the both fecal and E.coli analysis in nonpotable water.
  • Data not under an approved QAPP. USIBWC CRP data files contain some data reported outside of the Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) for the corresponding time. In the above example, bacteria, ecoli nor fecal coliform were in our QAPP, because they were not being analyzed by an accredited laboratory. In addition, some parameters were temporarily taken out of our QAPP (ex: alkalinity, Nit+Nit) during 2009 but these parameters were still analyzed by our laboratory and are posted for informational purposes.
  • Combined parameter codes. USIBWC CRP data files contain some fields with combined storets, from various entities collecting data (such as TCEQ and USIBWC CRP). The following storet codes are combined:
    • Nitrate+Nitrite 00593 and 00630
    • Orthophosphorus 00671 and 70507
    • Chlorophyll-a 70953 and 32211
  • Additional available data. Other data for certain parameters are available that are not included in the USIBWC CRP data files, including metals data and organics/pesticides in sediment .  Some of these parameters, such as bromide, can be found on the TCEQ data website as well as our website. To download data from TCEQ website, you need to download two text files, an events file which contains information about who, when are where of the sampling, and the results file, which contains the parameters and their values for each sampling event. The two text files are related by a common TAG_ID which can be related in a database.
  • Metals Data. Samples collected for dissolved metals at Manadas Creek (13116) are lab-filtered, not field filtered within 15 minutes as required by the TCEQ Surface Water Quality Monitoring Procedures. Therefore, dissolved metals were removed from the FY10 QAPP and not submitted to TCEQ database, but will still be collected and will be posted to the metals data file.
  • Quality Assurance and Errors. All data posted on the USIBWC CRP data page are rigorously reviewed under a strict quality assurance program. However, there still may be errors in the historical data posted due to the manual data manipulation procedure. Any data errors we find are corrected both in the TCEQ database as well as the USIBWC CRP Excel files. If you find any discrepancies or errors, please let us know and we will correct them.

If you have questions regarding these notes, please contact CRP.

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