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Boundary and Realty Office

The Boundary and Realty Office (BRO) conducts technical investigations related to definition, demarcation, and monumentation of the International Boundary between the United States and Mexico in accordance with established treaties and minutes.  BRO coordinates proposed projects along the Border for the International Boundary and Water Commission, and BRO is responsible for the administration of real property, which includes:

  • Preparation of records and reports concerning real property
  • Publication and distribution of the annual Flood Warning Notices for cities and counties along the Rio Grande, and
  • Working with land owners, cities, counties, and other governmental agencies concerning matters on land boundaries, metes and bounds descriptions, and deed of records pertaining to lands acquired for U.S. Section Projects along the United States/Mexico Border.

The BRO also coordinates the internal processing of USIBWC’s licenses, leases, and permits program for activities within the USIBWC Right-of-Way or USIBWC maintained floodways.  Licenses, leases, and permits are required for the following types of projects:  Commercial, Private, Grazing, Temporary Land Use, and Special Recreation. Download the Permits and License Checklist listed below for additional information.

Applications must be submitted six months in advance of the anticipated project start date.

 Visits to the BRO are by appointment only and can be arranged by contacting:

Samuel Vasquez, Realty Officer - (915) 832-4156

Jackie Corpus, Realty Specialist, HQ (915) 832-4716

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