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Our goal is to attract, engage, and retain the highest quality employees, and to assist management in creating an environment where our employees feel respected and supported in a manner that enables them to perform to their fullest potential. Keeping pace with the changing demands of USIBWC's work and its workforce is a primary focus of the Human Resources Office in maintaining USIBWC's position as an employer of choice. Our role in the Human Resources Office is to translate USIBWC's business strategy into world-class workforce capabilities; maximize USIBWC employees' contributions toward the organization's success; collaborate with USIBWC leadership in making cultural and organizational changes; and provide human resource expertise, using a corporate perspective, to meet Federal and Agency objectives and requirements.

HR functions include Human Capital Strategy; Business Performance; Staffing and Recruitment Diversity Recruitment; Position Classification and Position Management; Employee Relations; Labor Relations; Personnel Security/Credentialing; Pay Administration; Performance Management; Workforce Planning; Organizational Management; Building Leadership; Employee Benefits; Processes personnel actions for all USIBWC employees for promotions, within-grade-increases, awards, retirements, adverse actions, employee death, security clearance updates, extended leave, alternative work schedule changes, performance appraisals, etc., maintenance of official personnel folders and records.

Management Advisory Services include providing robust management advisory services to the USIBWC organization of their managerial responsibilities in delivering Human Capital Strategy, Contributing to Business Performance; Strategic Position management and position classification; recruitment and staffing for positions utilizing hiring flexibilities, Federal Equal Opportunity Recruitment Program, Veterans Programs, Student Employment Educational Programs, Special Hiring Authorities; Strategic workforce planning; Organization and management analysis; Strategic Performance Management, Employee Relations and Labor Relations; Building Leadership, PMC coordination, counseling on retirement, leave, insurance, adverse actions, ethics, financial disclosure requirements and conflict of interest determinations. Contact Human Resources Office

Employee Survey Report

2016 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey results revealed significant improvement in several areas. Thirty-four of the 82 survey items were noted as strengths. The USIBWC's greatest strengths reflect employees' self perception in their work environment, including the following: employees are willing make an extra effort to get a job done; they like the kind of work they do; they constantly look for ways to do their job better; employees believe their work is important; and they know how their work relates to the agency's goals and priorities. USIBWC management values employees' positive views of their work and how it contributes to the agency mission. At the same time, survey results identified the following challenges: employees feel that they lack sufficient resources to accomplish their work; they believe pay raises do not depend on how well they perform their jobs; employees do not feel that creativity and innovation are rewarded; they are not satisfied with opportunities to get a better job in the organization; and they do not believe their training needs are assessed. Management and employees need to focus on sustaining its many strengths while working together to address its challenges. A positive first step is the USIBWC's 77% survey response rate -- one of the highest in the federal government.