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USIBWC Citizens Forum in San Diego

This USIBWC Citizens Forum (CF) was established in 2002 to facilitate the exchange of information between the USIBWC and members of the public about Commission activities in San Diego County, California. The CF is intended to bring together community members enabling the early and continued two-way flow of information, concerns, values, and needs between the USIBWC and the general public, environmentalists, government agencies, municipalities, and other interested parties. Below are Minutes and Presentations of previous meetings of the CF.

Citizens Forum Board Applications
The U.S. International Boundary and Water Commission (USIBWC) is currently soliciting applicants for the USIBWC Citizens Forum Board. A current application form and instructions can be found here. Any questions please contact Shellie Muñoz (915) 832-4706

             Meeting Announcements


The next meeting of the USIBWC Citizens Forum will be announced soon. Contact Shellie Muñoz (915) 832-4706 for more information.

Presentations of 3/12/15
Water Quality Improvement Plan
BECC-NADB Briefing

Presentations of 7/10/14
Restoration of the Tijuana River Riparian Corridor
Draft Minute Points

Presentations of 9/18/13 Meeting:
NPDES Permit Reissuance
Wildcoast CostaSalvaje
YouTube Link

Presentations of 11/8/12 Meeting:
Watershed Planning Discussions at the Binational Border Water Resources Summit - Paul Ganster, SDSU
An Introduction to the Tijuana River Mouth Marine Protected Area - Dianae Castaneda, MCPC Wildcoast
USIBWC Presentation - Steve Smullen, IBWC

Presentations of 8/9/12 Meeting:
Tijuana International Watershed Initiative
Lifeguard River Rescue Team
Beach Water Quality

Presentations of 5/10/12 Meeting:
Exploring Water Reuse Options by Jennifer Casamassima
Rosarito Beach Binational Seawater Desalination Study by Dave Fogerson
SBIWTP April 4, 2012 Spill Update

Presentations of 2/16/12 Meeting:
Master Planning International Watershed Initiative by Gabriel Duran
Update on USIBWC's Tijuana River Levee Certification Efforts by Guillermo Martinez
Present Ocean Monitoring Activities Surrounding the SBOO by Timothy D. Stebbins, Ph.D.

11/17/11 - Mitigation for the Upgrade to SBIWTP (Status Update)

11/17/11 - Habitat Restoration, Monitoring, Management and Research

8/25/11 - San Diego Projects Overview

8/25/11 - Citizens Forum Orientation

1/20/11 - Update on construction of the SBWTP upgrade

1/20/11 - IBWC Minutes related to San Diego-Tijuana

10/10/10 - US Army Corps of Engineers Presentation

10/07/10 - Update on Construction of SBIWTP Upgrade

10/07/10 - Trash Tracking

10/07/10 - Tijuana River Flood Control Levees

5/06/10 - SBIWTP Secondary Treatment Plant Progress

5/06/10 - Report on SB 167

5/06/10 - Water Resources of Baja California and their Binational Implications

1/28/2010 - Update of the 2010 Winter Storms and the Newly City of Tijuana Storm Management Infrastructure by Oscar Romo

1/28/2010 - Southwest Wetlands Interpretive Association (SWIA)

1/28/2010 - USIBWC SBIWTP Secondary Treatment Construction Update

1/28/2010 - USIBWC Funding and Project Development by Sally Spener

10/22/09 - Tijuana Estuary Fate & Transport Study (TEFATS) by Clay Phillips

10/22/09 - Tijuana River Valley Trash, Waste Tire & Sediment Characterization Study

7/16/2009 - Comision Estatal de Servicios Publicos de Tijuana (CESPT)

7/16/2009 - Manejo Integral de Residuios Solidos

7/16/2009 - SBIWTP Secondary Treatment

4/16/2009 - USIBWC Citizens' Forum Orientation

08/30/07 - Imperial Beach, CA Citizens’ Forum : CESPT presentation

08/30/07 - Imperial Beach, CA: Ocean Monitoring presentation

11/14/06 - Imperial Beach, CA:  Binational Projects Report

11/14/06 - Imperial Beach, CA:  Means & Mechanisms for Collaborative Planning and Operation of Transboundary and Shared Watersheds

11/14/06 - Imperial Beach, CA: Clean Water Act Compliance at the South Bay International Wastewater Treatment Plant


12/17/15 - Agenda

6/18/15 - Agenda

3/13/15 - Agenda

12/4/14 - Meeting Minutes / Agenda

9/18/14 - Meeting Minutes / Agenda

5/23/13 - Meeting Minutes / Agenda

2/21/2/13 - Agenda

11/8/12 - Meeting Minutes / Agenda

5/10/12 - Meeting Minutes / Agenda

2/16/12 - Meeting Minutes / Agenda

11/17/11 - Meeting Minutes / Agenda

8/25/11 - Meeting Minutes / Agenda

4/14/2011 - Meeting Announcement / Agenda

1/20/2011 - Imperial Beach, CA - Tijuana Estuary National Estuarine Research Reserve

10/07/10 - Meeting Minutes

10/07/10 - Meeting Announcement / Agenda

5/06/10 - Imperial Beach, CA - Tijuana Estuary National Estuarine Research Reserve

1/28/2010 - Imperial Beach, CA - Tijuana Estuary National Estuarine Research Reserve

10/22/2009 – Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve Imperial Beach, CA

7/16/2009 - Tijuana Estuary Meeting Room, Imperial Beach, CA

4/16/2009 - Imperial Beach Community Room, Imperial Beach, CA

10/12/2005 - SW High School Theater,
Imperial Beach, CA